LoveHateNow, Installation in collaboration with Heidi Hysell, Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, 2010

LoveHateNow, 2010, Realtime Video, infinite loop

In Collaboration with Heidi Hysell

Until this point, Mixed Greens’ windows have presented static images addressing subject matter ranging from the transcendent to the pictorially sublime. Reyna breaks from this tradition by incorporating sound, video, and various live elements into an installation tackling the nuanced subject matter of public opinion. Viewers will witness a constantly changing landscape of numbers, words, and images projected onto an algorithmically generated triptych.

Using processing software and Reyna’s own calculating logic, the piece streams information from the The New York Times, the local weather report, Twitter, and other sources. The result is a snapshot that changes based on the minute-to-minute information it receives. As the mood in the city brightens, so will the Mixed Greens windows.