BETA, Pablo's Birthday Gallery, 2005

BETA, 2005, SD Video, 04:37

BETA was created over the course of several years using a blend of idiosyncratic imagery and appropriated iconography drawn from mass media and culture. It is bound with an aesthetic mirroring fine art and design.

Because digital technology has given us the perfect copy, it’s necessary to think about what it means to be unique. In the same way that photographs reconsidered how we view painting, sampled imagery reconsider what we view as authentic and original. In a sense, this slight form of thievery introduces a collaborative act into the process because, in reality, the art object exists half way between the original product and the artist who uses it-both working with different intentionality. In working with mass culture it’s as if The Corporation is an unknowing but implicit participant in the art which uses corporate products as its starting point. This makes sense because these units of media are built to be bought and consumed and I choose to resist this by freely subverting and appropriating.